At eatOS, we have built a cloud-based technology solution exclusively for restaurants.

Our team's collective experience in the restaurant industry helps us understand the complexity of running restaurants, which has allowed us to build a customizable solution to help restaurants react and adapt to the industry's needs.

We offer a cloud-based platform that works across iOS & Android, adding flexibility for restaurants. Our restaurant management solutions provide the ability to simplify operation for restaurants of all sizes and our approach to guest engagement improves the guest experience by reducing friction.

Our technology gives restaurants the ability to engage with the community in new and innovative ways.

Our Story

Few understand the sleepless nights, the sacrifice, and the joy of sharing the universal language of food and hospitality as a restaurant professional. We at eatOS love restaurants! We respect the restauranteurs, the workers, and the communities that support them. That is why we dedicated everything we had and focused on helping restaurants reach their potential.

We decided to launch eatOS as a Point of Sale app because we found it nearly impossible to help the people who needed it because of the vast graveyard of dated, inefficient, and confusing legacy Point of Sale systems. We worked with everyone we could to get meaningful feedback, not just the big players but the small businesses and everyone in between who needed help the most. Many of the eatOS team have been in the restaurant industry. Getting feedback from real restaurants and utilizing the experience of our team has lead to practical solutions.

We officially launched eatOS in August 2020 as a Point of Sale system with amazing features and peripherals, including contactless cloud and mobile integration. We were obsessed with creating the best possible solution for restaurants of all sizes and needs we decided to create a community that would bring culture, creativity, and passion together.

Our restaurateurs love our unique all in one approach. They can manage every aspect of their restaurant while also getting the data they need to drive growth.

We are continually evolving to provide the best services and integrations for our community of restaurateurs. We empower entrepreneurs, artists, and creators through our legendary support, our Future of Food Service Technology community events, and our online classes provided through eatOS University. We are doing our part to improve knowledge and ability to all in this fantastic industry.

At eatOS, we do one thing- Help restaurants succeed! We never settle for just good enough and don't expect our restaurateurs to either.

eatOS - built for restaurants of all sizes