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Our partners build technology and software that bring more businesses online, enable new types of businesses, and help them work more effectively. We’ve designed a program to help accelerate and amplify their impact.


Who partners with eatOS?

Thousands of companies, including platforms, plugin builders, and extension developers, work with eatOS.


Add Payments to Your Platform

Partnering with eatOS is the fastest way to let businesses or individuals who use your platform accept payments. Whether you build software for retailers, accountants, or gyms, partnering with eatOS helps you create new revenue streams and scale internationally.

eatOS Connect gives platforms the tools to easily support multi-party payments and pay sellers in 25 countries.


Extend the eatOS Platform

Reach the millions of businesses using eatOS by building powerful tools and extensions. More than 30% of our fastest-growing customers use one or more extensions to manage different parts of their business, including analytics, accounting, email, expenses, shipping, and more.


Plugin Partners

Reach thousands of businesses who use eatOS plugins to accept payments on popular self-hosted and open-source platforms like WordPress, Magento, and PrestaShop.

Service Partners

Support businesses who are looking for help with integrating or scaling on eatOS. Get notified when our program supports agencies, freelance developers, and consultants.

Incubators and accelerators

If you’re an accelerator or early-stage investor that helps entrepreneurs and high-growth startups, get in touch.

More ways to partner

If you’re building something new and looking for a unique way to partner with eatOS, we’d love to hear from you.

Why partner with eatOS?

The Stripe Partner Program is designed to help you build new experiences, launch faster, and reach more customers.


The Right Technology Changes What’s Possible

Adding payments to platforms can be complex and time consuming. With eatOS’s flexible payments APIs, partners can build new product experiences quickly while eatOS handles the rest. eatOS also helps partners meet global compliance and regulatory obligations and continuously iterates to add the latest payment technologies. And if you’re building a business tool, Stripe’s standard OAuth flows let you easily extend our platform.


Partnering with eatOS means spending less time maintaining payment systems, and having more time to focus on core customer and product experiences. eatOS helps even small teams have disproportionate impact.



We’ve distilled best practices across thousands of partners to help you launch faster and go to market more effectively.

Get discovered by eatOS businesses

With a listing on our curated partners gallery, reach eatOS businesses looking for platforms and tools to start and scale their operations.


Learn from the eatOS network

Get best practices across a range of topics, including tried and tested go-to-market strategies and ways to optimize your integration.


Accelerate your go-to-market

Promote your integration with co-branded materials. We’ve put together ready-to-use resources to help your teams and customers.


Join the eatOS Partner Program

Whether you’re adding payments to your platform or developing a new extension, we’re excited to see what you’ll build with Stripe.

Register as an eatOS Partner

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