Table-side Order and Pay

Enable guests to order and pay directly from their smartphones, without having to download any apps. Create custom QR codes and link to a single table or an entire location. Future of ordering is here.



Dynamic Payment Options

Merchant Ordering Platform


Real Menu,
NO Ugly PDF’s

Real-Time Menu Sync

Real-Time MenuSync™

MenuSync™ automatically updates menus across all touch-points including point of sale, website, ordering app and more so that guests have a unified and customizable experience.

Customizable Features

Customizable Features

Guests can choose to check out as guests, or sign up for an account. Once they have an account, they can access their preferences, order history, allergies, payment data or past favorites.

Merchant Platform

Table-side and online ordering lets guests send orders directly to the point of sale or a standalone tablet. Enabling real-time order status, get notifications for exceptions and delivery updates.

eatOS Restaurant Mobile App Platform

Real Menu, No Ugly PDF's

Enable guests on their smartphones to add items quickly and easily for ordering with the server or directly. Thereby increasing table turn, tips and profitability.

Real Menu, No Ugly PDF's

Dynamic Payment Options

Omni payments include ApplePay®, GooglePay®, credit cards, business accounts and cash.

eatOS Menu Management App

The All-in-one food-service & restaurant management suite