Built for restaurants. Technology made simple.

Affordable technology built exclusively for restaurants to help manage and serve customers better with an All-in-one eco-system that simplifies restaurant operations, improves guest experience, saves costs and engages with the community in new and innovative ways.

All-in-one Restaurant ecosystem

Everything you need to grow your restaurant and delight your guests.

From Point of Sale to Payments, we have custom built technology for every type of Restaurant, including yours.

Point of Sale

Self Service Kiosk

Order and Pay

Kitchen Display System

Reporting and Analytics

Customer Facing Display

Workforce Management

Online Ordering & Delivery

Point of Purchase

Built To Your Needs

Choose the software and hardware bundle that is right for your restaurant.

fsr bundle for restaurants

Quick Service Bundle

$0 Starting Costs
eatOS Quick Service Restaurant bundle

Point of Sale Bundles

Starting at $799

Tools for every type of restaurant, including yours.

Customer Facing Display

Using a Customer Facing Display, customers can check the status of their order and add tips before paying. They will also have access to rewards right on the screen with this new technology!

Reporting & Analytics

Available on any device, anywhere in the world. Get real-time data about your restaurant's performance with this cloud reporting service that provides a comprehensive overview of all aspects including product mix and daily sales to ensure you are running efficiently as possible.

Contactless Ordering

Tableside Ordering features touch-less Order and Pay-at table via a QR code or tap. These include ordering on your own branded app & website, split payments for different accounts that are linked to the same order number/table number; an accounting system that stores customer profiles data so they can be recalled at any time (perfect if you need help remembering someone's facial features); previous orders saved into this easily accessible section in case there was anything specific wanted again today - like how many people ordered bruschetta last week but not salmon salad yet). And finally Point Of Sale integration!

Workforce Management

eatOS is the only all-inclusive, customizable employee time & shift management platform that offers a full suite of features to manage your business's schedule. With just one easy integration into payroll software or CSV export from our dashboard, you'll be able to save hours every week on data entry with no more manual work at home!

Additional Features

Experience the Future of Food Service now with eatOS’ all-in-one ecosystem.

eatOS Kitchen Display System

Order at Table

orderOS allows customers to Order Online, Order via Mobile App, and Order and Pay at Table touchless using QR Code driven Menus and Payment Options.



A safe and easy way to receive payments via customer's mobile phones. Sign, email, or SMS receipts are available right from the customer's own mobile device. Speed up service and the customer payment process by bringing your easy-to-use QR code-driven pay at table application.



Never turn away a customer because you don't accept their payment type. Allow customers to pay however they want with eatOS.

Scheduling & Payroll

Scheduling & Payroll

Manage every aspect of your employees work experience with the Workforce management app. Schedule shifts, see hours worked, connect to your accounting system and run payroll directly.

Digital Ordering

Digital Ordering

Accept orders via Qr Code, web or app for your on-the-go customers so you can be prepared to serve your customers anytime.