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eatOS has everything you need to grow every type of restaurant, including yours.

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Tools for every type of restaurant, including yours.

Customer Facing Display

The Customer Facing Display offers a seamless experience for both customers and Merchants alike. Customers can confirm their order before paying, as well as add tips. With the Digital receipts available on screen at all times- they always have access to your loyalty rewards right on their tips.

Reporting & Analytics

Monitor your restaurant's performance from anywhere and on any device with Cloud-based reporting of all data, including product mix. Get a real-time view into how much inventory you have available for each dish as well as labor reports that show how many hours employees worked last week or who was absent due to vacation without waiting days later when someone has already left before the end of their shift.

Contactless Ordering

With the use of a QR code or tap, orderOS allows customers to place their orders without ever touching menus. Ordering on your own branded app and website with features like split payments is easy and fast. Save customer profiles, previous ordering data, payment information and add seamless integration to the Point of Sale, Kitchen Display Screen and Reporting back-end.

Workforce Management

GPS enabled iOS & Android app for auto attendance management, scheduling employee times & shifts, and letting employees swap shifts on their own. eatOS allows for directly exporting payroll data from the dashboard to excel, CSV, or simply using one of our API integrations to auto-populate payroll data in real-time directly into your preferred payroll software.

Workforce Management

Additional Features

Experience the Future of Food Service now with eatOS’ all-in-one ecosystem.


Order at Table

orderOS allows customers to Order Online, Order via Mobile App, and Order and Pay at Table touchless using QR Code driven Menus and Payment Options.



A safe and easy way to receive payments via customer's mobile phones. Sign, email, or SMS receipts are available right from the customer's own mobile device. Speed up service and the customer payment process by bringing your easy-to-use QR code-driven pay at table application.


Omni Payments

Never turn away a customer because you don't accept their payment type. Allow customers to pay however they want with eatOS.

Scheduling & Payroll

Scheduling & Payroll

Manage every aspect of your employees work experience with the Workforce management app. Schedule shifts, see hours worked, connect to your accounting system and run payroll directly.

Digital Ordering

Digital Ordering

Accept orders via Qr Code, web or app for your on-the-go customers so you can be prepared to serve your customers anytime.


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