Point of Sale

A powerful cloud-based restaurant management and payment processing eco-system. The perfect companion for Quick & Full-Service Restaurants.


Cloud Based

Pay at Table


Online & Offline Modes

Multi-User Environment

Real-Time Menu Management

Offline Mode

Restaurants are never out of business. They can continue to run in offline mode, accepting orders and payments even when the internet goes down!

Menu Management

Our menu management system is the backbone of a restaurant. You can build menus for specific times or events, like happy hours and more with just a few clicks!

Multi-user environment

With our employee system, you can keep your team in sync with multiuser technology. Share information and seamlessly facilitate restaurant operations from any device anywhere - all while strengthening the business!

Get everything your enterprise needs with eatOS.

Pay at Table

The new way to pay at a table is more convenient, faster and allows customers the option of paying themselves. This means that employees don't need to wait around while you finish your meal or checkout process!

Table Management

Floor plans, service areas, and deep analytics for the restaurant industry. Track occupancy with customizable customer profiles that you can use to customize each guest's experience from the start of a journey through the finish!

Table Management


Your restaurant sales, payment, and customer data are automatically updated to all devices with Cloud-hosted Point of Sale. What's more, the service ensures that this happens in real-time on the AWS cloud!

The All-in-one food-service & restaurant management suite