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At eatOS our priority is to help you run your restaurant the most efficiently, therefore our software plans are customized with the features your business needs. And with tons of hardware options, you can choose the solution that makes sense for your restaurant.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Subscription includes 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. US based support is available via phone, email, and web.

Costs for setting up include hardware and software implementation and these can vary depending on your restaurant type and the package you choose.

Our endeavor is to provide our customers the best possible service and most fulfilling go-live experience. Our focus remains on your success  and our teams are dedicated to provide a customized experience that will ensure your restaurant’s success.

We use only the best, our commercial grade Elo terminals are built specifically for high usage businesses including restaurants. All our equipment comes with 1-2 year warranty and additional warranty packages are availiable for extended coverage.

We offer secure, state-of-the-art payments platform.


Because our focus is restaurant software, not credit card processing, we can almost always save merchants money when they are switching from other processors.


Sign up to learn more, and our team will help prepare a comparison on your existing pricing and answer any questions you may have.


We are integrated with all major credit card processors, so if you are happy with your current credit processing and just want a software upgrade, we are the perfect solution.

Yes, you can as long as it is compatible with Android and is on the latest Android-based software release.


Please reach out to our team to learn more about best practices for compatible devices and keep in mind that we will not be able to provide any support on your hardware as it’s not purchased from us.


We would also need to speak with you about any credit card processing before you start accepting payment

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