Kitchen Display System

The Kitchen Display System is the perfect way to bring your kitchen team into a new era of front-of-house systems. With our kitchen display, you can now connect and access point of sale (POS), kiosk, or online ordering all from one location! You’ll be able to account for individual item prep times as well as cancellations & food wastage which will help make informed decisions about what needs changing in order to run more efficiently



Prep Station

Kitchen Heat

Seamless Connectivity

Save on Printing

Kitchen Grade Hardware

The kitchen display system is a sleek and stylish heat-grade touchscreen that will give you the perfect viewing experience, with an industry-leading 5-year warranty!

Kitchen Grade Hardware
Multi Device Support

Seamless Connectivity

Seamlessly connecting to our foodservice eco-system, the Point of Sale system can be accessed from anywhere in any environment. While still able and available for use when offline as well! "Never worry about internet issues again with seamless connections."

Multi-lingual support

This system enables employees to use and understand the software in their native language. A multilingual user interface ensures that everyone can get a good understanding of what’s going on, no matter how well they speak English or not.


Save on Printing Costs

Going digital with the KDS is an easy and affordable way to streamline your kitchen printing needs. The ROI accumulates immediately as you can save on paper, printer ink, or even both! If desired this system includes integration capabilities so that it works seamlessly alongside any existing equipment in use today.

Save on Printing

Prep Station Routing

Your stations are more than just a kitchen, they're the engine that drives your company. With our easy-to-use communications technology, you can direct tickets and revenue where it's needed most efficiently - saving time for everyone involved in operations!

Prep Station Routing

Streamline kitchen communication, reduce human error, and monitor prep times for each dish.