Kitchen Display System

Modernize the kitchen, connect the KDS directly to point of sale, kiosk, or online ordering. View real-time analytics on preparation times, cancellations, wastage and more. Make better decisions, run the kitchen more efficiently profitably.



Prep Station

Kitchen Heat

Seamless Connectivity

Save on Printing

Kitchen Grade Hardware

Enabled and tested on heat-grade hardware built specifically for hot and greasy kitchens.

Kitchen Grade Hardware
Multi Device Support

Seamless Connectivity

Connect to the eatOS food service eco- system, including the Point of sale, Self- service kiosk, Mobile app, Online ordering, Delivery apps, and more. Designed to work offline so the kitchen does not have to worry about internet down time.

Multi-lingual support

Supports multiple languages to support employees understand data in their native language.

Multi-lingual KDS

Save on Printing

Go digital and save money on paper, printer ink, and other costs. Choose the hardware that fits your needs, and let the technology pay for itself right away. Seamlessly connect your KDS to your kitchen printer(s).

Save on Printing

Prep Station Routing

Easily direct tickets to their appropriate stations, or revenue centers. Multiple kitchen displays can be synced and have real-time updates across different stations in the kitchen.

Prep Station Routing

Analytics & Reporting

Cloud-based analytics to view sales, refunds, voids, food costs and more in real time. Make more informed decisions to help run kitchens more efficiently and profitably.

eatOS - Kitchen Display System

Streamline kitchen communication, reduce human error, and monitor prep times for each dish.