Customer Facing Display

Enable guests to view orders as they are made in real-time. Decrease ordering errors and increase transparency. Additional features include contactless payment, dynamic tipping, digital receipts, smartphone payments and more.


Contactless Order
and Payment

Reduce Order

Digital Receipts




Contactless Payments

Contactless Order & Payment

Guests can simply scan and pay using their own mobile device through a QR code displayed on the Customer Facing Display.

employee management

Reduce Order Errors

Enabling guests to view their order in real-time helps reduce errors thereby adding to a better customer experience and higher profits.

Digital Receipts

Be eco-friendly and save on costs with digital receipts. Guests provide contact information directly into the CFD and receive a digital receipt via email or text.

Digital Receipts


Customizable loyalty program which lets guests stack points while enjoying a meal at their favorite eateries. A fun way to keep guests wanting to come back for more.

Loyalty Integration

Customer Marketing

Use customer data for future marketing purposes including targeting customers with more benefits and offers.

eatOS CFD Customer Marketing

Increase Tips

Choose to use a pre-configured tip or enter a custom value to help increase your average tip. With Intuitive tipping, guests can choose pre-configured tips in dollars, percentage based, or enter a custom value.

Increased Tips

Streamline kitchen communication, reduce human error, and monitor prep times for each dish.