Online Ordering & Delivery

White-labeled app and website for order ahead, pick up or delivery. Eliminate commissions and dependency on third party apps.


Works with any POS

No 3rd Party Commissions

Order App

Real Time

White-Labeled App and Web


QR Code Scan Ordering


No 3rd Party Commissions

Reduce reliance on third party ordering platforms and promote restaurant branded online ordering and mobile app without paying commissions forever.

eatOS Online Ordering and Delivery app


Keeps track of customer preferences, ordering history, contact information and payment methods. Enable personalized and targeted marketing via email, sms and in-app notifications.

Multi-Platform Support

Receive orders on all popular point of sale platforms or our standalone tablet. Directly route orders to kitchen display systems, kitchen printers and more. View online ordering status data and reports in real-time.

QR Code Scan Ordering

Enable direct ordering from smartphones through QR codes, website, flyer, window display, or other marketing material.

QR Ordering

No Delivery drivers, No Problem

OLO integration allows the app to find a driver for the fastest delivery from hundreds of drivers in the area. Restaurants can customize the delivery fee and surcharges.merchant app.

eatOS Merchant App

Real-Time MenuSync™

MenuSync™  automatically syncs menus across all devices, so guests have a unified and customizable menu management experience.

eatOS Real Time Menu-Sync technology

White-Labeled App and Web

Restaurant branded app, commission free and white-labeled to help increase online orders via web and smartphones.

White-Labeled App and Web

The All-in-one food-service & restaurant management suite