Self Service Kiosk


eatOS’s Self Service Kiosk is intuitive, easy-to-use, and seamlessly integrates into the Point of Sale and Kitchen Display Screen. Reduce costs and cater to the modern customer with our Self Service Kiosk at the front of your store or table.


The self-service kiosk offers an intuitive experience to today’s fast-paced digital customer experience

Reduce costs

Reduce Costs​

Save precious square footage

Save precious square footage

Reduce Waiting time

Reduce waiting times & lines

Incease productivity

Increase productivity

Increase average check size

Increase Average Check Size

Reduce Wait Times

Improve customer experience by reducing lines and wait times. Our intuitive technology helps your team focus on back of house and customer satisfaction.

Self Service Kiosk
Self Service Kiosk

Durable Hardware

The Kiosk is meant to be handled. Our durable hardware is easy to clean and wipe down throughout the day.

Increase Average Check Size

Designed to learn restaurant menus, our PerfectCheck* algorithm will automatically suggest the most popular combinations to customers based on their current selections.

*Coming soon

self service kiosk

Direct Integration

Kiosk is directly integrated to the Point of Sale, Kitchen Display Screen and mobile Order Ahead Solutions.

Reduce Costs

Cut operating costs by having customers order for themselves. Our smart and simple software makes checkout easy for any customer.

Self Service Kiosk

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