Point of Sale


eatOS’s Point of Sale is a cloud-based restaurant management and payment processing ecosystem. It is the perfect companion for bars, quick and full-service restaurants.


Point of Sale for all your restaurant management needs & more


Online & Offline Modes

Automate Clock-Ins@4x



Real-Time Menu Management

Payroll Management@4x


Geo Fenced Check-Ins@4x

Cloud Based

3rd Party API@4x

Third Party API Integration


Cloud hosted Point of Sale ensures your restaurant's sales, payment & customer data automatically synchronize across all devices. All real-time on AWS Cloud.

Table Management

Build your floor plan, multiple service areas, track occupancy & turn time with deep table management analytics. Integrate customer profiles, favorite foods, allergies & more. Seat-level ordering & live table status enhances the customer journey from start to finish.

Pay at Table

Customers don't need to wait for the check anymore. With pay at table, your servers can take payments right at the table, or customers can pay themselves with orderOS, boosting turn times, reducing errors & increasing your customer’s comfort.

Offline and Online

We understand that your business should never stop running, even when the internet is down. eatOS backs up all your offline and online data in real-time, allowing you to accept offline payments.

Multi-user environment

All of your employees remain in sync at all times. eatOS Point of Sale provides access on any devices to all your employees. Multi-user helps strengthen your team, facilitate seamless information sharing and restaurant operations.

Menu Management

Whether your menu is twenty items or two hundred, we make menu management simple. Build menus for specific service times, special occasions, happy hours and more.

The All-in-one food-service & restaurant management suite